As you know sustainability is central to everything I do at Aria Bridal UK.

I only source fabrics which are free of exploitation and have limited if no impact on the environment. I am a founder member of the Common Objective (CO) and was one of three finalists in the Sustainable Academy Awards 2019 in the category of best Sustainable Business in Wales, plus….

Aria Bridal UK is a finalist for Sustainable Supply Chain in the Sustainable Academy Awards!

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Below you will find images of the Aria Bridal UK Environmental Policy and below that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Click the links under each image for the full pdf documents…

Click the link below for the pdf document.
Aria Bridal UK SDG's
Click the link for the the full pdf document:

I am in the process of creating a Sustainability Roadmap but much information can already be found on my CO page..

I have created the following interactive map to trace my supply chain to not only provide transparency for my customers but so I also better understand who made my fabrics and the impact they have across the globe. I have managed to find out the location of where the raw materials are grown, processed, made into cloth, wholesale sale all the way to my suppliers in Wales and the UK, it is a working process and I still have some raw materials to trace but in the meantime I hope it’s useful….

Click fullscreen to see a larger map or use directly from here. When you select a marker there will be a pop up box explaining what is produced, by whom and where…

When you click on a location you will get a popup with information about what part of the supply chain the marker relates to and images of both certification and final garments created from the material…

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